Alexey Gravanov


My name is Alexey Gravanov. I'm a grumpy Russian software developer who was born and grown up in a small town in Siberia, studied and started my career in another place in Siberia, and then moved to Germany, where I lived in a few places and worked for a couple of companies until now.

I've learned programming with Delphi in University, started working with Java and C++ on different platforms doing web stuff in parallel, continued with C# doing even more web stuff and now the company, where I'm working last years, is switching from C# / .NET / Microsoft platform to Scala / JVM / Linux in AWS cloud.

I'm not that guy who writes great articles or talks about all the things at conferences, but that's exactly what I'm trying to improve with the help of this blog.

My interests are including listening music, mainly blues, jazz, heavy metal, symphonic metal, and gothic metal (quite unusual mix, huh?), going to concerts, reading lots of stuff and spending free time outside with my mountain bike.

You can find me on the Internet on different sites:

  • Twitter — a good way to contact me;
  • LinkedIn — if you need more details about my work experience;
  • XING — like LinkedIn, but in Germany;
  • GitHub — some bits and bytes;
  • Instagram — couple of photos from everyday life.

Bear in mind that all things I will be writing on this blog are just my personal opinions and not related in any way to the official position of my company.